Monday, May 10, 2010

*snip* from Watchers

The fading sun illuminated the mountains with a cold, silver-gray light. The pale glow reflected off the dew which clung to the leaves and grass like slim strands of silken string. The mountains jutted into the sky like broken, jagged teeth, as a flock of birds lifted off, startled by an unseen foe.
In the distance a female deer raised her head, searching for what had frightened the birds. She stiffened her muscles as she readied herself for flight.
A large forest surrounded the clearing where the doe was grazing freely, as it had every night without fear. The animal could sense an intruder however. She looked around, but couldn’t see any movement but the sinking sun drifting further behind the mountains.
A loud crack echoed off the jagged rocks, signaling the doe that her instincts were correct. She bolted into the thick forest just as many human shaped shadows descended from the darkening sky, to land agilely upon the dew covered ground.
The shadow forms gathered around in a tight circle as the air was chilled by their presence. The forest fell silent, even the wind seemed to refuse to blow. The dew turned instantly to ice where a shadow touched it, and the snapping of the frozen tundra broke the silence.

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